Token Pictures!

Here are the promised pictures and update from Token’s (fka Dakota) new home. His original postings are here: TOKEN

Hi all!

We finally located a piece of equipment we needed to transfer the pics of Token. I have to pick up more batteries for the digital to catch him with the stuffed bunny in the mouth – he LOVES his stuffed animals – Whether we call him to go “outside” or for a “walk”….he runs & grabs one of those stuffed “babies” &comes running –it is hysterical! Here are 4 pics from his first few days with us:

Token’s seat

“Token’s Seat” – The leather couch, he really likes it there. Rich gladly gives up the couch when Token wants to sprawl out

Token sharing the couch

“Token Sharing Couch” – Rich is hanging off the side. They both like to constantly touch (Token loves to be pet & Rich loves to pet him). It’s quite heartwarming
Token with dad and bunny

the big picture

“Token boys and bunny” – Here he is with Brody (10 Year old Shepherd mix), Rich & his purple bunny that he just dropped (he has a pink one too) (I had to put a close-up of this picture, so everyone can see the intensity between Token’s dad and himself, and that purple bunny between them. Too cute! Helen)

Token and Riley

“Token and Riley” – Here is Token standing pretty with Riley our 4 year old mix.

His skin/coat has cleared up dramatically. He is still on antibiotics. We are also giving him Synovi (with Omega 3), vitamins & some herbs. His gums were quite pale the first week and we are happy to see the pick color come back this week. I ordered the book you recommended & look forward to reading more about extending a healthy, happy life for dog cancer survivors.

Thank you – more pics to come!


The book I recommended was The Nature of Animal Healing: The Definitive Holistic Medicine Guide to Caring for Your Dog and Cat by Dr. Marty Goldstein, D.V.M.