Gromit and Curly Update – Adopted!

Birdie forwarded a note from the handsome Gromit and lovely Curly’s new home!

Sent: Sunday, June 22, 2008 6:40 PM

Original post is here:  Grom and Curly


Curly is just fine today. No spotting, and the swelling that is natural from the surgery has even gone down. She is much more relaxed and happy today. I was worried about leaving Grom loose last night, but he did just fine. Grom follows Bill around like he’s his shadow, and, since I’ve been laying down all day, Curly has been trying to climb on top of me to get close to me so that I will cuddle with her!

My minpin Brewser, the youngest one, is more relaxed today about the new dogs’ presence, and Molly, the eight-year-old, is at least tolerant. She had two accidents–I’m sure in protest–but she was a slow sell on Brewser, too. Rocky, the 12-year old shepherd, is just fine with the new additions, but he is just not interested in all the activity. Grom remains very submissive with him, and Curly is intimidated, and even growled a bit when Rocky sniffed in the wrong place. The dogs didn’t even react that badly to the sudden change in diet. A little loose last night, but already they are better.


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