Bella, Big Heart, 3 Legs

So I got this e-mail from Sheila:

“Know anybody that wants a 3 legged dobie? This girl is extremely sweet, housetrained, approx. 7 yrs old, HW neg, spayed, chipped, vacc’d, likes dogs, cats and older kids. She has been in 2 abusive homes and is very submissive and a little shy. She lost her leg many years ago when she was hit by a car and still does (not) like walking on tile. She comes with a suitcase with 1 year supply of Heartgard and Frontline, toothbrush/toothpaste, Oravet gel, ear cleaners, her beloved bed and perfume!”

Here’s a picture.

Bella, big heart, 3 legs

Here’s another one.

Bella sitting

I’ve been thinking about Bella. I was wondering what kind of person adopts a 3-legged dog. What qualities differentiate that person from the rest of us? There’s got to be some extra TLC genes in that person. Someone who has a piece in her that understands that life with 3 legs at the end of your leash can be just as exciting, if not more, as life with 4. There would need to be a little adjusting, but adopting a 3-legged dog would be an adventure in any case.

A 3-legged dog owner would have a stem in her that seeks out challenges of the heart. She would be a solutions-oriented, big-hearted, TLC sort of human. A nurturer.

On the flipside is Bella, who would be a teacher in this endeavor. Not only has she gone through life in abusive homes, but she’s gone through them with 3 legs. And as I look at her pretty peppered muzzle, I see such an elegant Doberdame. What a beautiful soul is inside that well-worn sweetheart who deserves a nice big cushion to lay her head on at night, water and food bowls on stands the right height for her, and I bet she likes stuffed toys.

Speaking of bowl stands, Big Lots carries seasonal plant stands. Most importantly, they have them in Dobie height. I scatter them all over my house at my dogs’ favorite time of day, meal time. And when it’s not their favorite time of the day, I stack the stands in a corner. I bet Bella could go for a set-up like that in her new home.

She’s gotta have heart, that girl. Lots and lots of heart. I can’t wait to see who will pick this beauty to adopt.