Better Late than Never

This is regarding two posts in December 2007 that were unresolved in my book:

1.  Sirius Radio Channel 2 – Anti-Pet People?

2.  Sirius Radio Replies 

May 23, 2008

Scott Greenstein
President, Entertainment and Sports
Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.
221 Avenue of the Americas
New York, New York 10020

Dear Mr. Greenstein:

This is in regards to the two e-mails I wrote through the Sirius customer service section of its website in the month of December.

Sirius offered a chance for listeners to call into record a Christmas greeting on channel 2.   I did so early in the process.  When I did not hear my greeting air, I recorded it again. (Exact words are below.)  Still, I did not hear it, so I wrote the e-mail below, and received a response from the customer service department that hinted at the possibility of someone caring enough from channel 2 to respond further.  No one did.  I heard nothing more.

I have been holding onto this letter writing task for months, and because of the recent commercials airing on my favorite and very pro-pet channel, the Martha Stewart channel, I had to write this letter.

Sirius, as a whole, purports to be pro-pet on those commercials; however, through the lack of response to my query, it appears not.  Channel 112 is definitely a pro-pet winner, and Tuesdays with Sonya on 102 is also in line with the claims in the airing commercial.  But all of Sirius is not pro-pet.  Otherwise, there would not have been such a severe prejudice regarding my holiday greetings message, which was meant for the pets of America and the owners who care for and love them.

The fact that there was no response from channel 2 gave me a very chilly holiday message that Sirius, in some respects, turns a deaf ear towards the millions of pet lovers in the country.

Had I been privy to a proper response through the on-line channels created for the Sirius listener to use, I’d not be bothering you with my complaint.  The system failed; hence my letter.



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