NaNoWriMo Down

These folks who do the NaNoWriMo program and website have a big task every year, and they warned us that the website gets so busy and this year they have the most participants they’ve ever had, that they were expecting glitches. Sure enough, I went to add to my word count this evening, and the site is down.


The exact words are:

Site off-line

National Novel Writing Month is currently undergoing maintenance, and will be back up in an hour or two.

I feel the excitement. The frantic excitement of a not-for-profit group working on a shoestring to make something that’s grown so immensely still fit into their shoebox. They know their shoebox is too small, and have mentioned they are getting a bigger shoebox for next year, but this year, their very predictions are reality this night.

So I will post my 1989 words for the day here. Plus the 636 I did on Friday, brings me up to 2000 something. Tomorrow will be here soon enough and I’ll have that extra hour that I’ve already been trying to get used to as of last week when my computer changed times on me and between it and the clocks on the wall, my week has been an extraordinary bumbling of trying to figure out just what time it is.

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