Two Police K9’s (allegedly) Killed by Their Partners – How you can help!

Tracie Hotchner, who is the author of the Dog Bible and the Cat Bible has two radio shows.  One is Cat Chat on Wed nights, Sirius Radio channel 112 at 8 pm, and the other is Dog Talk on WLIU, but also it’s accessible on the Internet via live streaming OR after the live broadcast (which you can call in to ask questions, make comments, etc.), you can listen to the podcast.  I get an e-mail regarding the topic of the show every Saturday, and the link to the website where I can listen any time.

The good news is that Tracie has contacted Dale Bartlett, Deputy manager of Animal Cruelty Issues at HSUS, who will be discussing the Miami Dade case referenced in the e-mails below in which two officers of the law (allegedly) killed their own K9 partners, one (GSD) by kicking to death and one (Bloodhound) by starvation.  She will have him on promptly at 11:05 (Eastern time) this Saturday, and will be on for the first few minutes of the show for a breaking news segment.  He will describe the case and what listeners can do to help.  Then in July, Tracie will have Dale back for a follow-up on this case.
Go to to learn about the show.  You can sign up for the podcast there, too.  If you want to listen to the show live on Saturday, you can go to and click on “live streaming.”

Two miami police officers are on trial for murdering their K9 partners. 

Rondal Brown goes on trial in May for (allegedly) starving his 4-year-old Bloodhound, Dynasty, to death.

Allen Cockfield goes on trial in July for (allegedly) kicking his German Shepherd, Duke, to death.

The Director of Animal Cruelty Issues for the HSUS and the State Attorney’s Office in miami are asking for calls from everyone across the country to convict these “men.” 

Below is an e-mail from Ed, who outlines 3 points you can make when calling.  The call will be fast and the clerk will take your name and comments to give to the judge regarding sentencing, when it comes to that.  If convicted of a felony, and killing a K9 officer is a 3rd degree felony for civilians, these officers will be permenanently removed from their careers.  I called and it took just 2 minutes!

Please call the Assistant State Attorney, Isis Perez at 305-547-0664.

Here are Ed’s three points and he said he presented them very nicely:

1.  That both felons receive the MAXIMUM allowable under the law;
2.  That both felons be relieved of any accrued benefits;
3.  That both felons be disallowed from ever owning or controlling an animal.

As Ed said – Please make a call!  Support the prosecution and influence their sentence.
Click to sign a petition, too, but PLEASE call.  That is most important.

Click to read story here.

Click to read Tracie Hotchner’s blog on this story.

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