Newspaper Route to the SPCA Wildlife Care Center in Fort Lauderdale

Every Friday, I collect newspapers in the highrise I work in. I pick up the papers from seven floors, pack them up, roll them down to the back of my truck, and during my lunch break, I take them to our local Wildlife Center. I’ve been doing this for nearly seven years. Hmmm…seven is lucky, isn’t it?What a nice tail!
Iguana in the Wildlife Center of Fort Lauderdale Driveway

Last Friday, I found the welcome wagon, for the first time, strolling across the driveway entrance. I didn’t catch his name, but he is a handsome iguana, indeed!

Hauling a bird cage from one place to the other. Hospital Entrance

These folks at the SPCA Wildlife Care Center are unrelenting in helping wildlife and small animal pets such as gerbils, birds, rabbits, reptiles anything not dog or cat. Here we have an employee hauling a bird cage from the bird building to the hospital building. I’ve brought many injured doves and pigeons to the Wildlife Center over the years.

Front of Wildlife CenterThis is what the entrance looks like from the slender parking lot inside, and just to the left behind that gate is where I drop off the boxes and bundles of newspapers I put together every Friday. The hallway I drop off the boxes and bundles of newspapers at every Friday.It’s a collaborative effort. If not for the folks in the building saving the papers, I wouldn’t have them to take to the center. And thank goodness for the Wildlife Center, who helps the locals with injured wildlife, and just like the reason Dobermann rescue is in “business,” there are people who get small pets and decide they no longer want them. The Wildlife Center takes them in to rehome, too. Click to visit their website: SPCA Wildlife Care Center


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