A Visit from the Electric Co

Rope tied around tree

The neighbors behind me have a rope attached to a tree limb 25 feet up. At the end is a spring and a loop. I know this because as I was coming into the house, I saw the rope being flung into the air. Then I opened the back door and lightning bolts came through the air right in front of my face!

Spring on electric wire

I turned to where noise was coming from and the idiot had flung that spring right over the electric wires! I said, “What was that! What’s going on!” The idiot didn’t answer. Just went away. It got very quiet.

30-foot pole pulling the fuse

So I called the Electric Co and they came out. I held the flashlight and the guy used a 30-foot pole to try to poke the spring and it’s rope off the power lines. Sparks were flying, so he pulled the 30 foot telescoping pole in and had to go into the idiot’s yard who did this and shut off the electricity to the block so he could unhook that piece from the wires without an electrical shower.

I don’t think the owners in the house knew what had happened. I think they are grandparents. I heard an old grumpy man voice say, “It’s always something,” as the the Electric Co man was doing his thing trying to shut the power off.

That said, I missed my Cat Chat show – the second half – which was the good half with the vet coming on. Stupid people!

So now, they cut the end off the rope, so no more spring, but now those long rope ends – two pieces – are flying back and forth in the air. It is UGLY. And one day, the winds will gust enough and the rope will wrap around those wires and it will do more damage. The the Electric Co guy didn’t tell them to remove that whole rope. There’s no culpability anymore.


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