Jet Update

Jet before she was adopted

Remember Jet?  The portly senior gal?  Her family sent an update today and a link to their blog and news that Jet has lost 10+ pounds.  Please be sure to visit Jet’s blog and see how wonderfully she’s doing.  She’s a gal after my Luigi’s heart – Jet likes sucking on pillows, too!  What a gal.

Here’s the note from Jet’s mom:

Everyone loves her. Even people who say they thought they’d hate dobermans. They never met one up close.

We have a few more posts today!

To answer a couple of questions…we don’t have Jet on any pain meds! We gave her some baby aspirin when she was limping for a week but after that, she totally came around. It’s just her weight loss. She now JUMPS on the futon, can almost jump onto the king sized bed, and almost-kinda-maybe wants to chase squirrels. Chase is a strong word but Joe is trying to teach her “chase” to give her more exercise. She can run full out for about 50 ft. Very cool! We’re scheduling a vet/dental day in September. I’m trying to decide between my old vet and a more holistic vet who worked at the same aquarium where I was a dolphin trainer. Tough call as far as the vets go but we’re really choosing between a 9 or 9..5 on a scale of 10. I just have to say, Jet is blossoming. She has always been a gorgeous dog but with her new
waistline coming in, she’s a very striking dobergirl! No one can believe she’s 10.