Santa’s Surprises

We woke up to a rainy Christmas morning at Fort Doberdale. Members of the FDSP were not impressed.

Rainy Day Sad Sacks

What’s this Santa brought?

So we got going on some indoor games with Santa’s gifts. First Annie held onto the pink ball.

Annie’s pink ball

Then Ginger swiped it and ran into her cave with it. Possession is the best part of toys…even if you don’t intend on playing with it. If everyone else wants it, that’s the fun part.

Ginger’s turn!

Except when it comes to Baby’s stuffed toys. No one is allowed to touch them because most everyone else tears them apart…

Baby’s stuffed toy…no one’s allowed to touch!

except Regis. He is good to his stuffed toys, also. I keep them up when these two aren’t playing with them. But when I came home today, Regis had gotten one of my socks and wouldn’t let it go. Figure that! I treat his toys royally, and he doesn’t think twice about tearing a hole in my socks because he is a stubborn old mule sometimes!

Regis has a stuffed squirrel!

Bouchard coveted a ball and gnawed on a monstrous Nylabone.

Bouchard with yellow ball and Nylabone

Lilian had a new knotted Nylabone, which tastes very good and is excellent for her teeth.

Lilian’s chewing on her Nylabone

Luna sank her teeth into the Big Chew Nylabone Beef Bone
Don’t touch her bone!


Pippin tried to get a grip on the knotted Booda rope bone, and so did Luna.

Pippin and Luna tugging on a Booda rope bone

Lilian found the Kong Wubba to be a fun toy, too. Some of that red fabric came out in her morning deposit in the back yard as well. But that’s what she’s known for!

Lilian and Wubba

When the rain broke, Leissl and Raven took to a game of tug on the Wubba. We can’t disclose who won!

Leissl and Raven tug on the Wubba

Later on, Leissl and Raven took out another game of tug on the Humunga Tongue.

Leissl and Raven play tug with the Humonga Tongue

At some point, they let loose, and Luna got to play with the tongue.

Luna’s turn with the Humonga Tongue

Baby sat to play with her red Frisbee. (OK, it’s not new, but she hadn’t seen the red one in a while.)

Baby’s red Frisbee

Her patience waned quickly. “Throw that Frisbee!”

Gimme that Frisbee!

Baby fetches it and takes it somewhere. I follow her, take it, and throw it. I am sure that’s not the way the game is supposed to be played, but she’s the Queen Mother. I play by her rules.

Baby loves Frisbee…here she comes!

Ollie, on the other paw, catches a ball and hangs with it till the cows come home. (Oh, the power!)

Ollie and his ball

Look what Luigi found!


“Awww…this is the life! Me and my ball.”


Time to play catch!

“I’ve got it!”

Here he goes…chasing that yellow ball. Luigi’s so fast he’s Superdobie!

Luigi is faster than Superman!

Look who’s here to play, too! Raven! She’s a good kickball player.

Raven’s out for the ball, too!

Hmmm…sassy! She should have gotten a lump of coal!

Look at the size of that mouth!

“Yes, she should have, in our opinion. Yes, Raven should have gotten that coal!”

We are the good girls!

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I'm a Southern California living in South Florida. I've been here for 10 years as of October 1, 2007. No matter where I live, I'm a dog lover, and my breed is the Dobermann Pinscher of the Working Group. I am also fond of the Australian Shepherd of the Herding Group. My life revolves around my dogs, which is something those family members of mine don't understand. So I'm an island in that respect, but have built friendships with those who are doggie lovers and respect the canine as much as I do. Some do rescue, some train in, compete in, and judge AKC trials. The common thread is our dogs are family.
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