Today’s Plantings

Pumpkin seeds and microscopic bell pepper seeds

During my lunch break today, I saw ominous rain clouds approaching for the first time in two solid months. So I figured it was a good time to get some more seeds in the ground, fast! I chose the next two packets in my pile of seeds. The third type of pumpkin and a bell pepper that is supposed to ripen into white fruit. The pumpkin seeds were fine, but those pepper seeds were small!

Planting ground for pumpkin and bell peppers

It was a challenge, but I got them both into the ground before any rain fell.

Microscopic tomato seeds

The rains hadn’t arrived yet, but thunder had. I like a good challenge, so went to get the next two packets in the pile. These were tomatoes. The seeds in these packets were also small. I never really looked at the seeds in tomatoes while I’m eating them, this was a wake up call. Small!

The Tomato Place

I started cursing at this point being the packet said to plant them 1/4-inch into the ground, the ground is not totally soil, it’s got a lot of lumpy rocks in it, and the seeds I could barely see. But, I did something along the lines of planting, as I poked a hole, plopped in a seed, and found some soil to pour over the indentation.

Rain by Raven

Just about then, the rains came. Woohoo! I didn’t have to water the newly planted seeds. And Raven got a good look at the first rain storm of the summer. She’s always at the front of the line.

More seeds

After work, I decided to plant two more of the remaining four packets. Lettuce and zucchini were next in the line-up. The zucchini was a fine sized seed, but I about fell over when I opened the lettuce packet and tried to find the seeds. They pretty much are the size of flea dirt, but they’re white. I have no idea where the seeds are in a head of lettuce, but at this size, I won’t hold my breath, or maybe I should. A seed this size could easily go up one’s nostril with a mere inhalation.

The Zucchini Spot

I planted the zucchini back in this little spot.

The Lettuce Place

Being I couldn’t see the microscopic lettuce seeds, I can only surmise that there are some in the dirt here.

Leissl and Ginger

Leissl and Ginger told me it was a job well done. Aren’t they the cutest smiley faces around?

Ginger teasing me with her ball

Then Ginger said, “Play ball!”
So we did.


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