Raven’s Nylabone Heist

Raven is tethered to the futon in the computer room when I’m there due to learning housebreaking. I use a chain leash, as she chewed through a fabric one. Last night she wanted to run out to get a favorite Nylabone of hers that was in another dog’s mouth. I decided to let everyone out, and I didn’t get to Raven fast enough, as usual. I thought I heard her run by when the shrieking noise stopped from the computer room, but dismissed the thought. Then I saw her on the sofa with a lovely new clip pendant hanging off her collar and that Nylabone sticking out of her beak.

Raven’s new pendant

Back to the scene of the crime, I found this.

Evidence of Raven’s chain breaking ability

She was very proud of herself. Unfortunately, she got paid off for this job.

Raven’s reward