Raven’s Last Meal

Tonight I tried to starve Raven. OK, she thought I tried to starve her. But I was really just trying to get her to settle down before I served her Highness dinner. She was just AWFUL tonight at dinner-serving time. Slobbering all over her face and crate, carrying on barking, and even the pot banging didn’t stop her. Raven couldn’t find a piece of mind to get a grip of, so I fed everyone else and put her bowl of din-din in the fridge. Mon Dieu!

Raven’s full of herself

I fully intended on not feeding her till tomorrow, but I’m such a softie. I couldn’t put her to bed on an empty stomach. So about 3 hours later, when she least expected it, I called her to her crate, she walked in thinking she was going to bed, but got her bowl of food instead. It all happened so calmly. It was wonderful.