Raven on Lime Safari

Annie went on safari.
Annie solo in the jungle.

Then Raven joined her.
In the jungle, the restless jungle, the lion sleeps tonight.

Annie captured the beast.  She was so fast, I didn’t get a picture.  But I have one of Raven, having taken the prize from the ever-saintly Annie, then squeezing the beast to get lime juice.
 Raven’s making lime juice from a Cuz ball

No lime juice, so Raven decided to try something else.  I knew she was up to something when we were all outside and Raven had run into the house.  Moments later, Raven came back out with something in her mouth.  She spat it out.  It was half a lime I had squeezed and left on the counter!  (Luna is looking at Raven as if she lost a few marbles.)
What did you spit out, Raven, a lime?

Raven stared at the lime for most of the afternoon.  She knew the thing was food, but why couldn’t she eat it?  It bit her every time she stuck it in her mouth.
This thing’s not right.

Even Lilian came along to test sniff. 

Nothing convinced Raven to let that lime go.  Raven continued her fascination with that green fruit, while the rest of us wondered, “Just how loopy is Raven?”
“She’s loopy over that lime,” Luna says.

“I’m Raven.  I’m a little loopier than some.”
I’m prretty loopy!

“Than most, lime breath!”
You have lime breath!
Luna’s got a point!