Luigi’s Caper

I fed everyone this morning, and in certain dishes, I put a frozen Kong.

Lilian’s Kong

This would be for Lilian,

Taylor’s Kong

Taylor, and Raven.

Raven’s Kong

Then there’s Luigi. I put his frozen Kong on the counter. He gets a special diet due to he is a Calcium Oxalate dog. His body makes bladder stones of such. So he gets a bowl of home made specialties and distilled water for breakfast. I am not plopping a Kong in that to have him carry it off to smear the futon sheets!

I put Luigi’s Kong on the counter, and before I leave, I give him his Kong. This is also so the boy Dobies are put into their bedroom, and King Luigi has run of the rest of the house. No arguments.

Luigi’s Kong

So I am rushing around the house, trying to make my exit, and I stop and see Mr. Luigi enjoying his Kong on the futon already! Yum oh yum yum yum. I had to stop and examine my own sanity. Did I give him that Kong? I don’t recollect giving him that Kong. I did not give him that Kong! That means only one thing. That rascal got up on that counter and helped himself to that Kong!

Well, he knew it was for him, but geesh. That is just unacceptable. I have to find a better hiding place for his next breakfast Kong.


About Helen

I’m a Southern California living in South Florida. I’ve been here for 10 years as of October 1, 2007. No matter where I live, I’m a dog lover, and my breed is the Dobermann Pinscher of the Working Group. I am also fond of the Australian Shepherd of the Herding Group. My life revolves around my dogs, which is something those family members of mine don’t understand. So I’m an island in that respect, but have built friendships with those who are doggie lovers and respect the canine as much as I do. Some do rescue, some train in, compete in, and judge AKC trials. The common thread is our dogs are family.

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