High Jump/Big Mouth

Luigi under an arealia Taylor under the shade of the house Ollie in fence shade

Today, I spent some time in the scorching sun with a few die-hard companions. They found shade while I cut HUGE 1-1/2″ PVC pipe into five foot lengths. Then I cut five feet, eight inch pieces of white vinyl house siding out of twelve feet, twelve inch pieces. This was the hardest cutting so far in my obedience jump-making endeavor. I did not finish the jump by any means, but at least I got the hard part out of the way (at least I hope that was the hard part). Next weekend or thereabouts, I will continue on with this project. I had too much to do this weekend, and didn’t even get any Kongs stuffed. I’m sure I’ll hear it from Raven for that.

Raven in a daze No Kong for me now…I want my dinner bowl!

Speaking of the little twit, tonight when she was put into her crate for bad behavior while I was fixing dinner, she carried on a fit something fierce. I mean fierce! When I had just about enough, I gave her one of two stuffed King Kongs from the freezer. What happened next was unbelievable. When I gave it to her, she carried on a bigger fit. She didn’t want that! She wanted her dinner bowl, filled with good stuff, and nothing else. I wasn’t quite done with them, so thought the Kong would appease the beast. Nope. That Raven has no patience. OK, she has a little. That little gets her by, but barely. She seems to know when I’m at the end of my rope, and can shut her yap for about two seconds. Long enough to spare her the feel of my hands around her scrawny neck. When I finally got to doling out dinner, she got hers last. But when I opened the crate door, I almost got the bowl ripped out of my hand. Geesh! Gotta love her joy of life.

By the way, after dinner, she decided the Kong was OK to destuff.

Luigi, Ollie, and Lilian politely waiting for dinner

And this is what the good kids look like waiting for dinner. They are well mannered and simply a joy to have around the kitchen! There’s got to be contrast so you know who’s who!


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