The First Day of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, DoberDiva Leissl wore a red, red wreath.

I look ravishing!

And pulled it off spectacularly! How many of us could look this stunning with a red, red wreath on our heads?

She had a few other beautiful photos from another photo shoot she wants to share. She’s such a German Babe, Leissl is.

Ja!  Ja!  Ja!

Here she is being a softer German Babe.

A softer Leissl

Raven! What are you doing here?!

This is the best I could do being I’m still a puppy.

Didn’t you say, “Sit, Raven, sit?”

The DoberSit - Raven’s already keen to it.

If she said that, you are supposed to sit like this, puppy brains!

I don’t think she said that.