Batty Lilian

Lilian, a temperamental Doberdiva, did not like her batty headdress. She refused to cooperate for a picture.

Temperamental Doberdiva, Lilian

Lilian would not lift up her head outside either. Not for a moment. Not for me. Not for a picture. Not with those bats over her head! (Run Lilian run!)

I won’t lift my head up!

Come on Lilian. Just one picture? Lift up your head and let’s see your pretty face and the bats flying overhead.

I’m not happy with you.

No! You’ll regret this!

Raven to the rescue! Raven came out of nowhere, thrusted Lilian’s head in the air, and I got my picture! (Lilian looks like a zombie.) She’s now off somewhere casting a spell over us.

Raven to the rescue!

Lilian’s not speaking to anyone currently. She’s still getting over her humiliating experience. Well, it’s all in how you perceive fun.

Ginger felt pretty … and looked pretty too!

I feel pretty!  Oh so pretty!

Regis thought she looked like a babe, too. He loves those batty boppers on her head, and tells her so.

Regis admires Ginger’s batty boppers.

Annie looks wicked.

Wicked Annie.

She is. Bahahahahahahahahaha!