A November Bath Day and Thensome

Today I had to take the hose set-up from my laundry room to Home Depot where a nice, young gentleman there managed to remove the nozzle from the hose. This has been an on-going sore spot for me. I had set up this slinky-type hose with hot/cold water access in the laundry room, so I could stretch it out on cool days to the dog-wash table for a warm-water bath. But the nozzel broke and I couldn’t remove it. Not with pliers or hammers or WD-40. So the fact that I found a good guy who knew what he was doing with those muscles on his arms was a godsend. Thank you! (And I did go on-line and wrote to Home Depot customer service telling them about this wonderful employee.)

That meant that I could get on a bath schedule again. And being it’s no longer Halloween, and Chirstmas is coming, it’s time for the winter type Christmas season collars to go on clean dogs. Today was Raven Peebody, Lilian Peebody, Luna and Ginger’s turn. Ginger loves to be doted on, so she got a bath just because she likes the attention. Here she is looking lovely drying off in sun.

Ginger after her bath

Shortly after this picture, she found the place she most likes to pee, and rolled in it.

Luna, the sweetness that she is, decided to dry off on the dirty mat we use coming and going from the back door. At least her pillow was clean as of yesterday’s laundry.

Luna drying off

Raven thought Luna was particularly fragrant.

Raven takes a whiff of Luna’s rear parts

Shortly after her sniffs, Raven went into her “Lookie!” stance while Lilian and the Cuz ball got reacquainted.

Raven and Lilian

And what was Raven staring at? Wow! Big bird. Not THE “Big Bird,” but a really big bird flying overhead. Raven’s got a lot of bird friends, though this one looked sort of menacing. Hungrily so.

Raven’s Bird

Lilian decided to run inside and take her beloved coconut to protect it from the big bird. This was not a decision that sat well with the Dobermaid though.

Lilian and her coconut on the sofa

Speaking of, Raven’s new idea of fun is to give the Dobermaid’s friend, the Dobercook, sass, sass and more sass. The Dobertrainer thought it an idea to let the Raven out while food was being prepared so she wouldn’t have to hear the demanding barks from the bird. It works to a point. The point being when Raven’s patience has gone on empty, she jumps into her crate to bark at the Dobercook to move it along…serve dinner already. What happens from here?

The ever-demanding Raven

Well, the Doberwaitress tells the Raven to shut the heck up or she won’t get dinner. Of course, Raven doesn’t oblige, so the Doberwaitress closes the door, drapes towels over the door and window of the bird’s crate, and the bird then throws a major fit. Doberwaitress then serves everyone else who knows how to behave and waits until the ruckus behind the curtains comes to a complete and utterly stop. And it does. Eventually. That little bird is starting to get it. But the “starting” part still takes longer than the household would like. Our ear plug bill is a bit outrageous.

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