Luna’s One Year Anniversary

Today is Luna’s one-year anniversary in Fort Doberdale. And what did she get as a surprise? A nice big needle on her backside! Eegads! How unpleasant. But she had to get her vaccination for rabies today. She is now good to go for three years. In 2011, she’ have to get another one, unless the law is changed by then.

Luna at home getting ready to go On the way in…

No thanks…don’t like this place…let’s go home! Down this hallway? The door where vaccines come from

The lady who came out of that door and gave Luna her vaccine was very upset. Luna was scared of her from the get go. After the vaccine, the woman said good-bye, but turned around and she squatted down and said, “Dogs aren’t afraid of me.” Well, Luna was, and she wanted no part of anyone in that joint. She just wanted to go home. So I told the lady a man had scared her before she came out, (by walking by and making a noise), and that is why Luna was scared. So we went home and when we got in the truck, Luna used the ol’ Raspberry to release some steam. At home Luna couldn’t wait to get outside to chase a few lizards!


Happy one-year anniversary, Luna.
(She’s getting treats, too.)