Aquarius Moon

Full Moon Saturday August Full Moon Saturday August 16, 2008 - Aquarius Moon

Tonight is the full moon of Aquarius. It’s a good night for meditating. Especially if you have a headache and don’t care to do anything else.

Luigi on a stroll

Luigi oftentimes will hide outside when I’m bringing everyone in. So does Baby, but she does it for reasons of wanting to stalk possum or other night time critters. She only catches Bufos. She’s not fast enough to catch anything else,which is why I don’t like leaving her out there unattended anymore. Luigi waits for me to come back out to play ball. That doesn’t always work for him because I’m not always aware of his plan. Like just now when I started writing this piece. I heard a bark. Then another. So I went to the back door, and there was Luigi, on the other side of the door, lying down in wait. Next to him was his blue Dino Cuz ball. We just played ball till the timer shut the light out in the back yard. Surprisingly, or miraculously, Raven kept her temper tantrum throwing to the last seconds when we were coming inside anyway. Now he’s happy, except for the fact that Ginger is trying to swipe his beloved blue Cuz. He had to move off the futon because Raven was trying to swipe that same ball. Luigi has such responsibilities to his Cuz friends, and he doesn’t take them lightly.

Yellow poinciana seed pot New Red Poinciana growing under utility lines

I got a few seeds from a seed pod off a yellow poinciana tree I see going to and from work last week. I planted one in this pot. That is the only yellow poinciana I have seen in these parts. There are an abundance of red ones, though. This poinciana is a new growth and it is growing fast and right under the utility lines. I already had FPL over here and they aren’t concerned, so why should I be? Because I am the one who’s going to be without power when that tree grows up and into those lines!

Handsome Peace Dove The three Amigos

The three Amigos came back for a visit today. They hung around in the pine tree for a while, and so did a beautiful dove. There was another bird in the tree at the same time. I only have one bird tree left in my yard. 🙁

Red roses today Air Palm in bloom - from Jude’s 2005

The red roses have been prolific this summer. Here’s another flock of them. The lilac colored roses have not produced any flowers recently. And here is a picture of my air palm that Jude gave me in 2005. This picture taken today is of it in bloom. You have to look hard, but you will see a bloom in the middle of the plant. I’d never seen an air palm bloom before, so this was a very pleasant surprise!

Yellow butterfly

Here’s a yellow butterfly. Butterflies have been happily flapping around the FD campus for a few days. They are attracted to several of my plants, this one being the popcorn plant. It smells like popcorn!

There may be a slight weather disturbance coming up here on Monday. Her name is Fay. We’re not sure yet which direction she’s going, but this sort of thing seems to get my sinuses irritated enough to give whopper headaches. Thank goodness for Ibuprofen! Though today there was no building on the high jump. No dog training. I went to stock up on a few supplies and that was about the extent of “fun” we had. Lots of naps, which is usually enjoyable, except when Pippin gets penned out of the bedroom and she whines the entire time. But fear not! Luigi and his big snout usually pushes the ex-pen out of the way, so the whining stops and my spot on the bed lessens in size.

We are going to enjoy that full moon once more before lights out!


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