Jingle Bell Tire Ball

New Toy!

We got a new toy over the weekend. Many Fort Doberdalians like to play with balls, and this one looked sturdy. The big bell securely inside provides noise, and as a secondary feature, repels unwanted spiritual intruders. The texture is appealing, and there is no noxious smell. Yes, I sniffed it a good one. I gave up $5 and tax to the cashier, and brought it back to Fort Doberdale for the real test. Would anyone play with it?

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Sniff Sniff. More Sniff Sniff by Luna.

Raven and Taylor take a close look, while Ollie looks on from beyond. Annie checks out the rolling potential while Leissl supervises.

Taylor took the plunge and was the first to hold the new ball in the beak. It takes an Aussie to get things moving along. Shortly thereafter, big Luigi got into the action, and took ahold of the new toy.

Taylor takes the ball for a walk. Luigi’s turn!

Soon we were playing catch and games with the new ball. Luigi was gaga over the ball, and Lilian continued to eye ball the situation from behind the scenes.

Luigi catches the ball and Lilian watches. Luigi’s in love with his new tire ball. Do you hear bells ringing?  I love you!

Taylor says she prefers the yeller Cuz Ball, thank you very much. Regis does, too. Actually, Regis will grab any toy I’m throwing. Hence the reason I have a pair of fang marks on my arm. He opened his jaw and lunged to grab the ball as I was throwing it. Even the elderly can be rascally.

Taylor’s choice?  The yeller Cuz ball. I like the yellow ball, too, says Regis.



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