Hunting Good Eats, Foliage and a Tail

Luigi barks, demanding he get fed

Yesterday, I made a 36-egg omelet in the crockpot. I included shredded carrots and a stick of butter. I put it in at lunch and came home hours later to the lid floating atop the very expanding concoction in that slow cooker. Eegads! Well, I cleaned up the mess, and what was inside was good, so thought Luigi, who barked until he was fed.

Yum, oh yum! Raven’s bowl

This morning we had oatmeal, butter, brown sugar and Baby got a little maple syrup and cream in hers being she’s the Queen Mother and initially snubbed hers. I put her Platinum Performance on top, and I think that smothered all the good smells beneath. She ate and was especially pleased when Luigi stood by her waiting to see if she’d leave any morsels. She didn’t.

After breakfast, Bouchard went into the backyard to hunt a peanut in one of our PVC posts yet to be cut for our jumps. I’d stuck peanuts in those posts when we played “find the peanut” earlier in the week. Well, I went inside to get the camera. I wanted to get a snap shot of him digging. He dug as if that would get the peanut out of the post (he’s such a snail hunter). When I came back, the FDSP was in action chasing a squirrel on the utility lines as it ran across.

Bouchard’s peanut hole

Needless to say, Bouchard is a part of that posse, so I lost the chance to get the digging picture. But I did get a picture of his artwork.

Bouchard finds his peanut while Taylor inspects what’s left. Bouchard gets his peanut Raven warns Bouchard to back away from the peanut.

As I tipped the post up, I called Bouch over so he could get his just reward. Meanwhile, Raven, who thinks she is first in line for everything, ran over to warn Bouchard to back off. I supersede Raven big time in rank, so that little trick of hers didn’t work. Bouchard got his peanut and Taylor inspected the remnants in the hole to be sure nothing was left for a little Aussie to scavenge. There wasn’t.

Baby checks out the peanut scene Baby walks away from the peanut hole disgusted and disgruntled

Baby was appalled when she checked on her peanut. OK, she’d been working that peanut for days, and I forgot. I am in big trouble now! And she’s really disgusted the way the whole scene played out. Eeek!

Air Palm from my dead pine tree

This is a picture I took of the peanut in the tube, but you can’t see a peanut. Instead, in the background, you can see my new air palm, which is a result of a very high branch that came down during tree cutting day earlier in the week. It’s a lovely air palm. It is.

Pile of tree stumps Traveller’s Palm and Bird Of Paradise Remnants

Here are all the branches in my front yard. This includes the pine tree in one pile and in another are the branches of six traveller’s palms and one bird of paradise. I just couldn’t keep up with them, and they were looking very bad. I inherited them from the previous owner. Not my choice.

You should be more careful for my tail. This is Raven and her precious tail.

Raven got her tail caught in the door this morning. She is generally so worried that she won’t be able to get back out the door fast enough in case I decide to go out and leave her in. That is often my plan. I doubt her lesson was learned though. And we love tails here at Fort Doberdale, so this was a near catastrophe! However, tail and Raven are fine. She is in her usual state of being in trouble this Saturday.


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