Ginger’s Surgery

Ginger’s not feeling well since her surgery.

Ginger, not feeling too well

She had a very hard surgery.  The lump was so big, there wasn’t much skin to close her wound, but the vet managed.  This is Ginger when I picked her up.  She was still groggy.

Ginger right out of the recovery room

Her new x-ray shows the cancer has grown in her lungs and in other spots.

Ginger’s X-ray

Ginger slept all the way home.  Her eyes could barely open the few times she tried. 

She slept all the way home, and into the next day.

She’s not eating now, though she is drinking.  I gave her a small amount of vanilla yogurt with two 35 cc syringes today and this evening, she got a swab of peanut butter on the roof of her mouth.  She will come outside to go potty and be social with me.  That is what drives her – getting loving from her person.  She’s a wonderful Dobie.

Ginger getting petted, one of her favorite things


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