Happy Birthday Girls Ginger (9) and Pippin (6)

Today we celebrate two Fort Doberdale birthdays. As they are in the month of St. Patty, we’ve dressed the part.

Ginger is 9 years old today! She is such a happy beauty.

Beautiful Birthday Girl, Ginger at 9 years old

And pretty Pippin. She’s 6 years old today, and full of sugar and some other special ingredients.

Pretty Pippin at 6 years old

Birthday hamburgers were had all around. Here’s Ginger ready to make her wish and devour hers.

Oh boy!  Yum!


And it’s tasty too!

Pippin concentrates very hard and makes her wish.

Time to think big!

Then she studies the first piece to decide where to start.

Pippin studies her hamburger.

Happy birthday, girls.

Ginger and Pippin, March 3rd happy birthday girls!

Helen, their mom

About Helen

I’m a Southern California living in South Florida. I’ve been here for 10 years as of October 1, 2007. No matter where I live, I’m a dog lover, and my breed is the Dobermann Pinscher of the Working Group. I am also fond of the Australian Shepherd of the Herding Group. My life revolves around my dogs, which is something those family members of mine don’t understand. So I’m an island in that respect, but have built friendships with those who are doggie lovers and respect the canine as much as I do. Some do rescue, some train in, compete in, and judge AKC trials. The common thread is our dogs are family.

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