Bouchard’s Toad Legs After Dinner Snack

Bouchard got his frog’s legs this full moon night.  Actually, they were toad’s legs.  Eeegads!  Baby and I came back from obedience practice, and by the time I let everyone out and took two minutes to myself, Bouchard had slime all over his face and the back pavers!  It was really just gross!  I don’t think it was my frog prince.  It appeared to be a juvenile Bufo Toad, those horrid creatures!  They can kill a dog with their poisonous slime.  So I threw a net over it, Bouchard’s mouth was full of foam and so was the ground.  I had to rinse his snoot out with water pronto, and keep the others away from the lump of toad.  Lump of toad got tossed into the poop bucket and thrown away.  It was a lot more traumatic than that, but I’m exhausted, so that’s the story in a nutshell.