Bouchard, Frog Hunter

Bouchard caught a frog out back just now. Eeek! I felt so bad for that frog. Its legs were splayed out and they were long. I was not sure if it were deceased or not. Bouchard put me in an unenviable position having to deal with this. And not to mention that poor frog. I poured some dirt on it and put it in a plastic bag. Several bags. Then I put it in my chest freezer in case it wasn’t deceased yet.


About Helen

I’m a Southern California living in South Florida. I’ve been here for 10 years as of October 1, 2007. No matter where I live, I’m a dog lover, and my breed is the Dobermann Pinscher of the Working Group. I am also fond of the Australian Shepherd of the Herding Group. My life revolves around my dogs, which is something those family members of mine don’t understand. So I’m an island in that respect, but have built friendships with those who are doggie lovers and respect the canine as much as I do. Some do rescue, some train in, compete in, and judge AKC trials. The common thread is our dogs are family.

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