Week 4 Round-Up

Looks like we are already wrapping up week four of year two thousand and eight.

My computer is ill, and though I’ve been working off the clock to fix it, it ain’t happening. So I’ll be going to plan B next week. That’s why my posts haven’t been regular, and won’t be until I get this contraption and the havoc it’s left behind repaired.

Speaking of havoc, I had to spend two days in court last week as a potential juror. The trial for which I got picked as the potential juror was a heavy duty civil suit. The attorneys have it listed on their website, so I suppose it is all right to post the link to it here. Isham vs. City of Fort Lauderdale. I was excused due to cause.

This morning Raven was playing fast and furious after having ate her Wheaties an hour earlier. She came up behind Lilian, grabbed the yellow Tuffies ring which was in her mouth, and Lilian didn’t let go. Instead, Raven swung around like a tether ball, having the great fortune of slamming into my shin, which stopped the sonic boom that was about to occur due to the velocity at which she was traveling and prevented her from flying to the moon. My leg, however, has a bruise the size of Raven’s sharp elbow and has grown a silver dollar sized lump to make the blues and blacks of my new temporary tattoo stand out that much more. She’s still true to form.

Earlier in the week, there was some activity in one of my prized potted plants. Bouchard and Annie spotted a snail. The hunt was on. Nothing was caught, thank goodness. I hate having to make escargot.

Snail Hunters - Annie and Bouchard

Later on, The Queen Mother, Baby Diva, saw something through her Detective Diva gate spying slot. Whatever it was came and went so fast that none of us saw it, but the Diva, and she’s not talking.

Detective Diva

Instead, she joined Annie and Bouchard in their snail hunt.

Baby finishes up the day looking for snails, too

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