Toy Time!

I have been getting the message that one of Raven’s favorite toys is getting well worn.

Raven shows off her favorite toy

Leissl inspected it after laying it atop a border rock.

Leissl inspects well worn toy

Then Raven took it over again and frankly, it had been raining. And when she brought that soggy, well-worn toy into the house, I had to take it and throw it in the washing machine.

Hello?  See my toy?  Can I have a new one, please?

Horrors to Raven! Her beloved toy was in that machine again? So I thought it time to break open a new box of these wonderfully strong soft toys. I got a bunch when they were on a good good sale.

A box of new toys!

(New toys are great, but that doesn’t mean the old ones won’t be put to use after they come out of the washing machine. Like worn shoes that fit right, old toys are comfortable.)

But Raven liked what she saw in that box. Especially the ring.

Is that for me?

The ring is Raven’s favorite of all time. She can play tug-o-war best with it. But Luigi had his eye on it, and his name!

Hmmm…I might like this toy for me.

As long as Raven had her say, though, that ring was hers!


Meanwhile, Baby looked cute as usual. She is always good for a photo opp. As for these toys, well, Baby says if they’re not flying discs, they’re not toys.

I’m so cute.

Annie found out she liked the red tube.

Annie’s toy!  Woohoo!

Yes, she did.


And Lilian was into the blue fish.

Lilian’s fish

These Tuffies Pet Toys last a long time here at Fort Doberdale, which is a good thing because the Fort Doberdale Squirrel Posse put their toys to work everyday and we need long-lasting toys.


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