Friday night, I read a newsletter on how you can spend several hours doing something that has nothing to do with a goal, but in the long run, will give you more time to do your goal if it simplifies your life. So yesterday, I went out in the back yard to do that and ended up out there until sunset.

With the water rationing and time it takes me to water a double-digit number of potted plants, which do protect the plant from being sprayed by dog pee or bulldozed by the Posse, I put a good dozen plants in the ground. Plants that were in pots of 20-gallon size or thereabouts. And others, I said Grace and parted with them. Other smaller ones went around the big ones in the ground. I’m still not done with it all, but this has left me with one-third less pots to water. Yeehaw!

Potted plants along two fences now in ground

There was a fine lizard hanging onto the blossom of my ginger plant once it was stable into Mother Earth.


Across the yard, where I placed a bird cage for a loose cockatiel, another lizard sunned on the perch.

A lizard visitor who makes this bird cage his home

Baby (QM & Diva of Fort Doberdale), of course, was the most striking sunbather of the day, and everyday, as she lay atop a mound of leftover soil from my digging efforts.

Baby Sunbather

Raven was up to new tricks today.

Raven’s a big tease!

Try as Ollie might, he doesn’t have the vocal prowess that Raven has and she was unimpressed.


Then the ultimate insult…Ignorsville.

Raven Teasing Oliver

As hard as Ollie tried, he could not compete with Little Big Pants’ spry maneuvers.

Resolution…Ollie’s outdone by Little Big Pants

“I win! ”

Just Me and my Tongue

After we sorted through the day, we lingered under the gorgeous darkening sky where the sun was setting and the moon circled us.


And Luigi played peek-a-boo.

Where’s my ball?

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