Blimp Then BSO Copter

(1/30/08) Wednesday evening as I was fixing dinner, I heard a heap load of commotion outside, Dobies and Aussie were upset at something, and when I stepped out into the backyard I saw it.  It was the blimp I had ordered to fly over our house to motivate Baby for this weekend’s AKC trial at the rodeo arena.

Go Baby Go!

(1/31/08) Thursday morning, the BSO copter, search lights and all, hovered right over the Fort Doberdale HQ as my Doberchildren busted out the back door and I hobbled out in fuzzy slippers, robe, and blurry vision to greet the morning. 

Baby’s BSO Copter

Eegads!  I’d forgotten that I’d ordered a 3-minute fly over to encourage Baby to do her best for the trial.  The extra 34 minutes of overtime was not on my order, so if they’d wanted to scare the bleep out of me while I got ready for work, mission accomplished.  I’d been wondering what they were looking for, called FHP, BSO and local police, and no one would spill the beans, which I think is absurd.  They are looking for something/someone in my backyard or thereabouts, and I can’t know what?  California is totally different, and anytime I called, they gave me the benefit of the doubt and told me the situation.  In addition, California cops would even announce it over the helicopter’s loud speaker.  I’m still peturbed at the lack of communication these law enforcement agents offer us tax payers.  But, Baby got the thrill of a copter and I got my nerves roused and a couple of neat-o pictures.   

Baby’s BSO Copter and Birds

The morning skyscape was beautiful. 

Baby’s Sky

More of Baby’s Sky


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