Blimp Sighting!

Blimp sighting!  In the Fort Doberdale Pines!

This evening, as the Fort Doberdale Squirrel Posse and I were resting out back, we heard the sound of our approaching nemesis. The Goodyear Blimp! She swept in from behind. We used to think she was a slow goer, but not anymore.

God bless America!

The Posse got particularly riled up and chased her extra fast and hard tonight. Probably due to our having warmed up with mosquito swatting practice. Mosquitoes were hard targets compared to the oversized balloon in the sky. But when the action got going, she flashed us her fabulous true colors.

Awestruck Baby Puss

Baby and the rest of the FDSP were in awe. What a beautiful sight right over our campus. We were wooed, inspired, and in between scratching our mosquito bumps, applauded the beautiful show in the sky.

Next time, she will get a warm welc… oh shoot, that’s not true. Next time she will still get us riled up because every Posse needs a rival. And when the squirrels aren’t out, well, a blimp will have to do.


About Helen

I’m a Southern California living in South Florida. I’ve been here for 10 years as of October 1, 2007. No matter where I live, I’m a dog lover, and my breed is the Dobermann Pinscher of the Working Group. I am also fond of the Australian Shepherd of the Herding Group. My life revolves around my dogs, which is something those family members of mine don’t understand. So I’m an island in that respect, but have built friendships with those who are doggie lovers and respect the canine as much as I do. Some do rescue, some train in, compete in, and judge AKC trials. The common thread is our dogs are family.

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