Help For Baby’s Arthritic Back – A Follow-Up

This is a follow-up to the post “Baby’s Arthritic Back.”

Baby has been on Platinum Performance Plus since March 5. She is on 3 tablespoons in the morning and 3 tablespoons at night. That’s a therapeutic dosage, not the maintenance dosage recommended on the label. The folks at Platinum Performance prescribed the higher dosage for her Divaness.

Her Divaness

What is more impressive is they called me several weeks after I received the order to ask me how Baby was doing on it. I don’t know any other company that stands behind their supplement products like that. Baby was on Arthrimaxx for 3 months and before that, OTC glucosamine. Nothing helped until Platinum Performance Plus.

And how is Baby doing?

– – – Before – – – – – After – –
Baby’s slant After Platinum Performance

Baby is able to move a lot better and without yelping-out-loud pain. Before Platinum Performance Plus, jumping on the bed at night was a big ordeal. I oftentimes had to help her up, and lifting a 65-pound Diva is not so easy, especially trying not to hurt any spots on her that were sensitive. Now, she jumps right up on the bed.

Baby loves playing with Luna. She’s always at it when Luna is up to the game.

Baby playing Baby playing hard

Along with her Platinum Performance Plus, Baby Diva Puss lies in the sun to soak in the heat everyday, weather permitting.


Interestingly, Pippin, who came from the shelter 4 years ago with a bum front leg, had hurt it playing like the feisty rascal she is recently. The vets told me that Pippin was a good candidate for arthritis. It is setting in. After the pain from body slamming someone the wrong way, she yelped when she turned around in her bed at night. So I started her on Platinum Performance Plus – therapeutic dosage – too. She’s been on it for 3 weeks now, and the nightly yelping has stopped. She is moving better, but due to her feisty personality, she can’t help but get into trouble almost daily as she continues to ignore her limitations. Here she is taking on the duty of sniffing a new place.

Pippin sniffing a new smell

Since taking the Platinum Performance Plus, Pippin’s happy and more pain free than she’s been since the arthritis in her leg’s started to take over.

Pippin - Happy and Feisty

We at Fort Doberdale highly recommend Platinum Performance Plus for arthritic dogs.  It’s also an exceptional daily supplement. They also have supplements for most any pet – dog, cat, horse, exotics, and people, too.  Click here to go to their website:  Platinum Performance


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