Baby’s Arthritic Back

Baby is 10-3/4 years old, and has some bad arthritis in her back. A vet sent us home with some Arthrimaxx in October, 3 month’s worth, but it didn’t help. Baby stands slanted sometimes due to the discomfort.

Baby’s slant

I have been giving Baby 1500 mg of Glucosamine in the morning and at night since the Arthrimaxx, which has done a better job for her. I had heard about another product called Platinum Performance Plus, which is supposed to be excellent. So I called the company to find out the size of tub I should order for Baby.

According to the website, Baby would need 2 TBS a day, but the wonderful people on the Platinum Performance phone lines told me that is a maintenance dose. Baby needs a therapeutic dose, so for two weeks, she will get 2 TBS in the morning and 2 TBS at night. Week three, and thereafter, she will get 3 TBS in the morning and 3 TBS at night. So we got a 10-pound tub. It arrived today, hence my posting.

Leissl shows off the tub of Baby’s Platinum Performance Plus

I thought it was going to be white, but when I opened the lid tonight to give Baby her first serving, surprise! It’s brown.

What Platinum Performance Plus looks like

It has a little blue scoop inside, too. One full scoop is 1 TBS. There is a line within the scoop that measures tsp-sized servings too. It’s very convenient.

Blue scoop - full is 1 TBS

The website says to use the product within 5 months. Fresh is better. The phone support person, told me to keep it in the refrigerator for better freshness.

Baby had her first dose in her dinner tonight and liked it. I did, too, much better than the Arthrimaxx. I didn’t like the way Arthrimaxx tasted. Platinum Peformance looks and smells like something you could put in yogurt…there’s no scent! Maybe I’ll try it.

The bucket came in the mail solo. That saves on shipping costs and paper usage because no need to put the product in a box to mail. I called the company when I found out there was no packing slip/invoice attached to the bucket. They told me it would come in the mail.

Baby is going to keep us informed on how Platinum Performance does for her. She’s always willing to give a product review. OK, she is a Diva, so maybe not always. But when she feels like it, and eventually she’ll feel like it.
Baby will keep us informed

Helen, Baby’s mom

About Helen

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