Baby at the Fort Lauderdale Dog Show

Baby, aka Mr. T … OK, Prissy T and T stands for Temperamental,

Prissy T

she did NOT get her 3rd leg today at the Fort Lauderdale Dog Show and Trial extravaganza. OK, it was hot. Just look at her tongue. And that was just from getting out of the truck.

So what happened? During the last five seconds of the sit stay exercise, Baby stood, got that impish look in her eye, and ran acrosss the ring to me. It was a replay of Monday night practice!

I didn’t feel like sitting.  I felt like running.

She completed her down stay fine. As I walked around her, though, she started to get up, but thought better of it, and relaxed back into the down stay position until I told her to heel. For that, I was happy. I guess she threw me a bone.

But the judge didn’t. He even had me move Baby after I had lined her up for the recall, which Baby did do. But the judge gave me a hard time and told me to move to the left 6 inches. Ewwkay.

The judge, Oxandale, a math genius guy

He did award my friend a good score, and she and her Sheltie, Ophelia, won the Novice B class with a 198.5 and HIT (High in Trial!). The next day, this team did the same thing with a 197 under another judge named Feathers.

Judge Oxandale, Rose and Ophelia

Here is another club member with her Sheltie. They showed in Rally Novice and did a nice job as a team.

Jana and her Sheltie in Rally Novice

This is Heidi, who nearly passed Open A on Saturday, if not for a glitch on hearing her handler call out, “Heidi come!” She came on the second call, but that was an NQ. Otherwise, she did wonderfully. On Sunday, she did pass Open A, with a score in the 190s! You don’t get to see Wire Haired Fox Terriers in obedience too often.

Heidi after her class in Open A

This is a steward who befriended the Papillon of another steward. I love that!

Papillon and a steward

This lovely Peekingese is owned by a vendor at the show. She is very diva-like, too…

Pekinese Vendor Helpere

like somebody else I know and love.

Baby!  The Original Diva.

At home, while I unpacked and pouted, Baby ran onto the futon where she surrounded herself by pillows and admirers who watched her drift off into her favorite kind of sleep…the beauty kind.

Time for the Diva beauty sleep gathering


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