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Raven’s Dinnertime Temper Tantrum

Tonight’s temper tantrum was a doosie. Raven was doing fairly well with my sitting there with her, asking her to stay while I held the bowl of food. Then I made the mistake of getting up, and taking her bowl … Continue reading

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Fay’s on Our Minds

Our Kongs arrived last week! Annie checked them out. Raven and Luigi had a dispute over who should touch them first. Neither won. I touched them first. I was going to stuff them all this weekend, but being there is … Continue reading

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Aquarius Moon

Tonight is the full moon of Aquarius. It’s a good night for meditating. Especially if you have a headache and don’t care to do anything else. Luigi oftentimes will hide outside when I’m bringing everyone in. So does Baby, but … Continue reading

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Name that Breed!

What breed of dog do you see in this cloud? Make your guess, then click here to see mine. Helen

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Blimp Sighting!

This evening, as the Fort Doberdale Squirrel Posse and I were resting out back, we heard the sound of our approaching nemesis. The Goodyear Blimp! She swept in from behind. We used to think she was a slow goer, but … Continue reading

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