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Fay’s on Our Minds

Our Kongs arrived last week! Annie checked them out. Raven and Luigi had a dispute over who should touch them first. Neither won. I touched them first. I was going to stuff them all this weekend, but being there is … Continue reading

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Bulk Trash Day & Training & Olympic Sun-Tanning

Yesterday was bulk trash day, and the trash men gave me a hard time about the two piles of green refuse that my tree guys left in the swale. They were saying it was too much blah blah blah. The … Continue reading

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Training, Trees, and Other Goings-On

Tonight I started working on Raven’s sit stays more seriously. She and I are signed up for that beginning agility class in September, and I suppose it’s time to settle some manners into the Raven. So we worked sit stays … Continue reading

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Sunbathing Dobies

Dobies love the sun. Yes, they do. Here we have the south Florida Dobie midday sun bathing ritual. Being we hardly have any trees in the back yard anymore, this ritual has become a very easy acitivity to take part … Continue reading

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High Jump/Big Mouth

Today, I spent some time in the scorching sun with a few die-hard companions. They found shade while I cut HUGE 1-1/2″ PVC pipe into five foot lengths. Then I cut five feet, eight inch pieces of white vinyl house … Continue reading

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