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Sunbathing Dobies

Dobies love the sun. Yes, they do. Here we have the south Florida Dobie midday sun bathing ritual. Being we hardly have any trees in the back yard anymore, this ritual has become a very easy acitivity to take part … Continue reading

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Luna’s One Year Anniversary

Today is Luna’s one-year anniversary in Fort Doberdale. And what did she get as a surprise? A nice big needle on her backside! Eegads! How unpleasant. But she had to get her vaccination for rabies today. She is now good … Continue reading

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Happy 2nd Birthday Luna!

May 31, 2008! Why is Luna smacking her Doberlips? Birthday cake! Er…birthday hamburger! Happy birthday little Luna, you sweetie pie! Helen

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The May Moon

This is the May Dove Moon.  The Happy Birthday May Moon. This is Luna, the May and all-the-time Dobermoon.  Helen

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A Message From a Fort Doberdale Nemesis

This evening, Regis spotted the flying submarine, and alerted the Fort Doberdale Squirrel Posse that we were under attack by the beast. OK, we were really just under the thing, but we let Regis have his fantasy. Moreso, we participate … Continue reading

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