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Fay’s on Our Minds

Our Kongs arrived last week! Annie checked them out. Raven and Luigi had a dispute over who should touch them first. Neither won. I touched them first. I was going to stuff them all this weekend, but being there is … Continue reading

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Aquarius Moon

Tonight is the full moon of Aquarius. It’s a good night for meditating. Especially if you have a headache and don’t care to do anything else. Luigi oftentimes will hide outside when I’m bringing everyone in. So does Baby, but … Continue reading

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Bulk Trash Day & Training & Olympic Sun-Tanning

Yesterday was bulk trash day, and the trash men gave me a hard time about the two piles of green refuse that my tree guys left in the swale. They were saying it was too much blah blah blah. The … Continue reading

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Training, Trees, and Other Goings-On

Tonight I started working on Raven’s sit stays more seriously. She and I are signed up for that beginning agility class in September, and I suppose it’s time to settle some manners into the Raven. So we worked sit stays … Continue reading

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High Jump/Big Mouth

Today, I spent some time in the scorching sun with a few die-hard companions. They found shade while I cut HUGE 1-1/2″ PVC pipe into five foot lengths. Then I cut five feet, eight inch pieces of white vinyl house … Continue reading

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