The Birds of Oakwood Plaza

Every morning between 7.00 and 7.30, a flock of crows fly over my house on their ways to their daily activities. I hear them cawing on their way, and they don’t all go in one big flock, though the majority do. There are several flock pockets that come afterwards. They are gorgeous and amusing characters.

I went to the Oakwood Plaza last Sunday, the 9th of Dec., and found a huge number of the crows enjoying their day there along with many other varieties of birds.

I am very fond of crows. They are highly intelligent and just gorgeous. Besides, they are my favorite Dober color! Look how fabulous they appear in trees.

Have a seat!

On signs. The athletic ability to sit on a sign like that? I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t do that!

This sign makes a good chair.

The draping look of the tree limbs surrounding this crow is very romantic.


If this crow could talk, she’d certainly have a lot to tell. I wonder where this group goes during the summer. I hadn’t heard their morning cawing until recently. They also fly back at sunset to wherever home base is.

What a stunning fellow!

This crow was eavesdropping on a conversation at the diner near the pond. They are clandestine workers.

The Eavesdropper

I saw this crow with his claw in the air, and wondered if he wanted to come home with me. He told me he was fine, and we went our separate ways. I like seeing birds flying rather than caged anyway, so it was a good thing. Really.

This fellow’s giving his paw a rest.

There had been a loose cockatiel in my neck of the woods for months, and only recently I hadn’t heard her singing. She was a lonely girl flying with some accepting doves when they let her. But doves fly quietly. I know this because when I heard the cockatiel, I looked up and saw her flying amongst doves, who didn’t say peep.

Crows decorate trees beautifully

These were the festive crows who hung out at one of the posts that was decorated for Christmas.

Festive crows

This bird is not a crow, but is still stunning.

Stunning yellow bird

This fellow was fishing in the pond near the diner…

Up to her knees in water

which is a major hangout for all sorts of birds. I wish more businesses would consider the wildlife in the area when creating plazas like this. It’s too bad everyone was so busy as not to take a few minutes to enjoy the variety of creatures sharing this space with us.

At the waterin’ hole

But people rushed by, drove by, and basically didn’t even comply with such road signs as DO NOT ENTER!

Do Not Enter, Dude.  Never mind you just drove through the Stop Sign!

The Seagulls had an especially good time hunting fish.

Seagulls fishing

When one would nab a fish, the others tried to get it from her. It reminded me of home. When one of mine gets a treat, the other vultures stand by in case a crumb comes out, or if, God forbid, the whole treat comes out…good bye treat!

Seagulls flying high

Some birds used the puddles of water in various places around the parking lot for bathing and drinking. I always wonder how many birds perish from that practice.

An impromptu watering hole

At the PetSmart parking lot, some kind soul threw out food the birds really liked.

Feeding frenzy in front of PetSmart

The meal drew a variety of feathered friends…even gray cheeks!


Those gray cheeks are very aggressive over their food. They have the beaks to back up their tantrums.


All these birds have some of the most beautiful tropical skies to call their own in southern Florida.

Gorgeous and Moody Skies of South Florida

And unique bird’s eye veiws of our land-based characters.

Bird’s Eye View of Raven

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