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Happy Easter 2009

The only one who looks spectacular in this picture is the grand DoberDame herself, Baby.  She planned it that way.  She kept turning her head to the side, and I had to call her name over and over – thinking it’s senility at work, but really, it’s not. It’s her somewhat evil plan to get […]

Raven Rocks and I Roll!

Raven rocks! She did a fantastic job at the DOCOH agility trial on March 28 and 29.  This was both our first times ever in an agility ring, and we qualified in all four runs under judge Roger Eiermann.  Our guardian angels were definitely with us. In Nov Pref 20 inch Standard, Saturday we earned […]

Observations from Our Inaugural Agility Trial

In an agility exercise in class one night, our teacher Jeff, ran our group through a series of seven jumps. Raven and I learned many variations a team could do with seven jumps. Halfway through one of the variations, Raven ran off to another area to do the dog walk, but I called her back […]

Please Vote For Lilian

WhY? 1. She’s a beautiful Dobie and her eyes are bewitching. 2. Look at the 1st place winners so far. No black dogs! 3. When Lilian wins first place in week 9, we gain entrance into the finals. The winner gets $10,000 for the rescue of her choice! Thank you!

Luigi’s RN – 03-14-09

Luigi Schwarzmann finished his third Rally Novice leg at the Fort Lauderdale Dog Show and Trial with a 95 and a 3rd place.  This was no foo-foo course.  This judge set the course like a good novel would read.  Lots of twists, turns, and challenges to face.  The grand finale exercise was the one Luigi […]