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Aloha Pippin


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Raven’s Dinnertime Temper Tantrum

Tonight’s temper tantrum was a doosie. Raven was doing fairly well with my sitting there with her, asking her to stay while I held the bowl of food. Then I made the mistake of getting up, and taking her bowl … Continue reading

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Willie – Needs Rescue

They gave the owners until Friday end of day to pick this boy up. He has been at the shelter 20 days and they called on Saturday afternoon saying they didn’t show … now they have given him until Tuesday … Continue reading

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Sunday Morn

This morning, we had oatmeal and vanilla ice cream for breakfast. Raven went through the same loud ritual in her crate and was so far last in line to get fed that the other family members were running outside before … Continue reading

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Evolution and the Ethics and Empathy of Dogs

While stuffing Kongs yesterday, one of the NPR shows I listened to was Weekend America. There is a segment called “Good News, Bad News, No News,” where the announcer reads a story and three journalists on the panel comment if … Continue reading

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