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Baby’s Been Practicing

Baby’s next chance at the 3rd and final leg she needs for her CD is Sunday.  She’s been practicing the sit and down stays especially.  She seems to think getting up on the sit stay is a good thing.  It’s not. … Continue reading

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Today’s Plantings

During my lunch break today, I saw ominous rain clouds approaching for the first time in two solid months. So I figured it was a good time to get some more seeds in the ground, fast! I chose the next … Continue reading

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It Rained This Afternoon

The last picture I have of rain in Fort Doberdale was taken on 3/23/08, and that was more of a tinkle than a rain.  Today, finally, we had rain.  During my lunch break. This is the tropics?  It’s resembling more the … Continue reading

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Second of Five Planting Days

Here’s today’s seed plantings.  Winter squash will go nicely in the dogs’ daily crock pot stew.  As for the pumpkin, this is the second of three types of pumpkin I’m planting.  They take several months to develop, so by Halloween, we … Continue reading

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Methods of Carrying the Loop

Taylor loves carrying her loop around her snoot.  She trots around the Fort Doberdale campus as if she’s a walking picture, framed by her loop.       Raven prefers the below-the-snoot method.  This way if she sees something else she … Continue reading

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