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When found, kindly remove red slipper from snout. Return with dog. Helen

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A Ginger Update

There was some blood on the tile and futon recently.  I use vinyl fitted sheets to protect the futon and bed, so it didn’t seep through to the mattresses, but having to wash sheets everyday wore me down.  I had … Continue reading

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Baby’s 11th Birthday Today!

Oh my gosh! My 11th birthday is here! Look at this! My birthday cheeseburger with a sprig of mint. Yummy! See it and weep…so beautiful. All mine! “Peek-a-boo. I’ll eat you!” Scrumptious! Good to the last morsel. We should celebrate … Continue reading

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Birthday Girls (7 and 11) at the Birthday Park

Baby and Leissl’s birthdays are one day apart. Today we three went to the birthday park for a cool Sunday walk around. First we went to the big fruit field. Well, this is no fun. Time for a break on … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Leissl!

Today is Leissl’s 7th birthday! Time for the magic! Leissl’s favorite part…good eats. Happy Birthday, Kissy Girl. Helen

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