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Raven Teaches An Old Dog New Tricks

Raven worked the crowd Sunday. She really laid it on thick. t Though she didn’t fool Tank, the Doberboy, who dropped by. Raven has a way of wrapping a human around her finger. How do you think I fell for … Continue reading

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Ban Bestiality in Florida

From the HSUS Make the Sexual Abuse of Animals Illegal in Florida Dear Helen, While 34 states make bestiality a crime, the sexual abuse of animals remains legal in Florida. The sexual abuse of animals is not only cruel but … Continue reading

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Springtime Easter Sunday

Springtime. A time for flowers. Regis and Leissl are springtime Doberflowers. Regis loves it, but Leissl is not so sure. Regis soaks up some sun rays, while Leissl, a very sensitive Dobergirl, is soaking up rays of humiliation. “But Leissl, … Continue reading

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Luigi’s First Night in Obedience Class

My PITA BOY is named Luigi. He is a high-maintenance Doberboy. He’s prone to hurting himself, or getting strange maladies that take a lot of testing and money to diagnose and treat. But he is also a brilliant character, and … Continue reading

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Good Friday & Libra Full Moon

Tonight is Good Friday. Tonight is also the Full Moon.   Here’s what the Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2008 suggests for tonight’s tribute to the Libra Moon. At least go outside to moon bathe.

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