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Eve of DOCOH Trial

Today is the eve of Baby’s obedience trial, aka Dog Obedience of Hollywood’s AKC obedience trial.  So what I did at lunch “to her” I am sure she is going to be holding against me and taking revenge at the … Continue reading

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This boy was in a Georgia shelter.  He looks so much like my Aussie, Annie.  I was torn between trying to get him and the distance between us.  He was on the Walton, Georgia site for several weeks, and I thought … Continue reading

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Blimp Then BSO Copter

(1/30/08) Wednesday evening as I was fixing dinner, I heard a heap load of commotion outside, Dobies and Aussie were upset at something, and when I stepped out into the backyard I saw it.  It was the blimp I had … Continue reading

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Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury is in retrograde, and so is my patience.   What is a planetary Retrograde?  Picture the planets orbiting the Sun like an old-fashioned mechanical racetrack. Each planet has its own track, a different distance from the Sun, traveling at different … Continue reading

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Bitches Rule, Dogs Drool

Raven’s slowly growing up in the brains department and testing her rank in the Fort Doberdale hierarchy.  She’s still a puppy-head, but an older model puppy-head, and has little self-control over some of her impulses.  OK, many of her impulses.  For example, when I give treats to … Continue reading

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