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Fun Winter Game

Step one. Find the deepest puddle in the yard and scrunch down. Then look for a target to eye ball and entice into the game. Step two. Keep your cool and wait until your friend is close enough before you … Continue reading

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The Grinch has arrived in Fort Doberdale

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Rats! It’s Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving day was an eventful time at Fort Doberdale. The main thing I wanted to do was to get my director’s chairs out of the storage shed. When I opened that shed’s doors, OmG! There were rats. It seemed like … Continue reading

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Sunday ~ Fort Doberdale Style

This morning, Regis leads Baby in the Dober Tango. Luigi’s current favorite Cuz ball is in everyone’s possession but his. Baby Diva is sporting coconut hair in her teeth. Lilian passes by with a reproachful look at Baby’s hairy tooth … Continue reading

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The Queen Mother

Baby, aka The Diva, Mother Superior, and The Queen Mother (QM) was at her best last night. Wow! The Dobergirl with the QM personality basically wants what she wants when she wants it. Baby has always had that motto. She … Continue reading

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