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Raven’s Bell Ringing Project Progresses

Raven is ringing the door bells. She concentrates very hard on the job. And like anyone who works hard, deserves to be paid for her dedication to the task at hand.

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Raven’s First Targeting Lesson

Here are some pictures of Raven’s first lesson on her way to learning to ring the door bells. She first has to learn to target. That is to touch her nose on an object. I will use my palm as … Continue reading

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Blood Moon of 2007

The Blood Moon is coming on Friday. Here is a little about it from my LLewellyn calendar. The LLewellyn website.

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Tying up loose ends

I found Lilian’s bowl this morning. I had needed a bowl to put the old breakfast dog kibble into so I could pour the new bag in. Habit solved the mystery! Weeks ago, Raven knocked over my papaya tree. The … Continue reading

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Lilian’s Bowl – a rewrite

This morning I needed a dog bowl for something, so I picked the one closest to my hand. It happened to be Lilian’s. Lilian, on a scale of 1-10 of Doberdivaness, is a 10. And bless her soul, she has … Continue reading

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