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The Golden Frog

September is nearly over and tomorrow, October 1, 2007, will be my 10th year anniversary living in South Florida. Tropical wildlife continues to enchant and interest my Dobies and me. It’s a beautiful breezy day. Let’s open the blinds and … Continue reading

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Dishwashing by Raven

No, she’s not supposed to be up there doing this.

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Play with me!

If I don’t play with her, I don’t get to finish doing laundry or weeding or picking up doo-doo. Ignoring Raven is hard work. Have you ever tried stepping over a 2-foot 4-legged big-eyed tornado?

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Foamy Snout

This is one of Raven’s looks when she doesn’t get her way. Lovely, isn’t she? She is foaming at the mouth after barking and barking and barking at me to serve her dinner first. I don’t. That’s why she looks … Continue reading

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Gimme that coconut!

I want that coconut!

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